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Jazz 4G Device Packages

Daily, Weekly, Monthly Internet

Introduction to Jazz 4G Device Packages

Jazz, a telecommunications company in Pakistan, emerged in 2015 through the merger of Mobilink and Warid. The brand gained momentum in 2016 with the introduction of 4G internet services, offering enhanced speed to its customers. Jazz became a key player in the market by providing competitive 4G internet packages.

In 2018, Jazz expanded its offerings by introducing two 4G devices: 'Jazz Super 4G Wifi' and 'Jazz Home Wifi.' These devices, priced at Rs. 4500 and Rs. 8500 respectively, presented users with diverse packages and impressive features. The monthly packages provided ample internet data, with the capability of reaching 4G speeds of up to 150 Mbps. Some devices supported SD Cards up to 32 GB, and the latest model featured a 2300 mAh battery.

The versatility of these devices is highlighted by their portability; users are not confined to a specific location like traditional ethernet devices. Instead, they can take their Jazz 4G devices anywhere, ensuring access to high-speed internet on the go. Additionally, the devices operate on WPS Wifi, offer one-tap setup through a mobile application, and are backed by a one-year warranty.

The convenience of charging the device, subscribing to a package, and enjoying 4G internet speed from any location underscores the user-friendly nature of Jazz's offerings. Whether at home or on the move, users can experience reliable and high-speed internet connectivity.

Jazz Monthly 4G Device Packages

Jazz provides cost-effective 4G monthly packages to cater to the internet needs of its customers. These packages offer affordable rates for internet MBs, specifically designed for Jazz's 4G devices. The introduced 4G device packages include:

1. Jazz Monthly Internet Basic Package – Device Only

2. Monthly Internet Regular – Device Only

3. Monthly Internet Mega – Device Only

4. Monthly Internet Heavy – Device Only

NetworkPackage NameMBs ValidityPriceSubscribe
jazz mobile packagesJazz Monthly Internet Basic Package – Device Only3000030 DaysRs.1500Subscribe
jazz mobile packagesMonthly Internet Regular – Device Only6000030 DaysRs.1740Subscribe
jazz mobile packagesMonthly Internet Mega – Device Only11000030 DaysRs.2087Subscribe
jazz mobile packagesMonthly Internet Heavy – Device Only18000030 DaysRs.2609Subscribe

The 'Jazz Monthly Internet Basic Package – Device Only' grants you 30,000 MBs for a duration of 30 days, all for the cost of Rs. 1500+ tax. For the 'Monthly Internet Regular – Device Only,' a generous allowance of 60,000 MBs is provided for just Rs. 1740 (inclusive of tax).

With the 'Monthly Internet Mega – Device Only,' subscribers enjoy a substantial 110,000 MBs of internet data over 30 days at the affordable rate of Rs. 2087 (tax included). Meanwhile, the 'Monthly Internet Heavy – Device Only' offers an extensive 180,000 MBs at Rs. 2609 (inclusive of tax), with the validity of this offer spanning 30 days.

Jazz Other 4G Device Packages

Jazz provides extended-duration device packages, spanning 3 and 6 months, offering substantial internet MBs to users. The packages available are:

1. 3 Months Bundle – Device Only

2. 6 Months Bundle – Device Only

NetworkPackage NameMBsValidityPriceSubscribe
jazz mobile packages3 Months Bundle – Device Only650003 MonthsRs.5626Subscribe
jazz mobile packages6 Months Bundle – Device Only1000006 MonthsRs.12174Subscribe

The 3 Months Bundle – Device Only offers a generous allocation of 65,000 internet MBs over three months, priced at an affordable Rs. 5626 (inclusive of tax).

For the 6 Months Bundle – Device Only, subscribers can enjoy a substantial 100,000 MBs of internet data for just Rs. 12,174 (tax included). This offer remains valid for an extended period of 6 months or 180 days.


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