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Latest Jazz Call Packages


Jazz Call Packages

The Jazz Network, formerly recognized as Mobilink, stands as the largest network in Pakistan, experiencing significant growth since its merger with Warid. Renowned for its exceptional 4G internet, calling, and SMS packages, Jazz has become a prominent player in the telecommunications sector.

Among the diverse range of offerings, Jazz call packages emerge as the most popular and sought-after. These packages come in varying sizes, directly aligned with their costs—where a higher cost corresponds to a more extensive package.

Jazz caters to a broad spectrum of communication needs by providing call packages that span from a single day to an entire month. Naturally, the pricing structure reflects the duration of the package, with costs escalating for longer durations. Each Jazz offer is associated with a unique activation code, simplifying the process for customers to subscribe. Additionally, Jazz has designated an unsubscribe code for every offer, enabling customers to easily discontinue a package by entering the respective code. Jazz network, formerly known as Mobilink, is the largest network in Pakistan and it’s been growing rapidly since its emergence with Warid. It’s widely known for its incredible 4G internet, calls, and SMS packages.

Hourly Jazz Call Packages

Jazz presents affordable hourly call packages to cater to the immediate communication needs of its customers. These packages prove advantageous in emergencies or when making crucial calls is essential.

Within these hourly call packages, Jazz provides both on-net and off-net call minutes, ensuring a comprehensive communication experience. Jazz offers a variety of hourly call packages, including options like 'Jazz Ghanta Offer,' 'Jazz Friends Bundle,' and similar offerings.

NetworkPackage NameOn-net minutesOff-net minutesSMSMBs ValidityPriceSubscribe
jazz mobile packagesJazz Student Bundle
2 HoursRs.4
jazz mobile packagesJazz Friends Bundle250Unlimited2 HoursRs.9.50Subscribe

The 'Jazz Ghanta Offer' offers unlimited minutes for 2 hours for Rs. 4+ tax. These unlimited minutes encompass both Jazz-to-Jazz and Jazz-to-other network calls.

Likewise, the 'Jazz Friends Bundle' provides unlimited minutes and MBs for 2 hours, priced at Rs. 9.50+ tax. These unlimited Jazz minutes cover both Jazz-to-Jazz and Jazz-to-other network calls, but the free MBs are exclusively for Facebook usage.

Jazz Daily/Day Call Packages

Jazz network has always been very sincere towards its customers. It offers daily call packages which include Jazz-to-Jazz call minutes and Jazz-to-other network call minutes for a small amount of money. 

These daily packages expire after 24 hours. There are also other packages available that fall under this category and these packages last from two to six days. 

Daily call packages include ‘Super Daily Offer’, ‘Day Bundle’, ‘Har Din Package’, and other related packages. The ‘Super Daily Offer’ gives you unlimited minutes, 50 SMS, & 20 MBs of the internet for an entire day for only Rs. 21+ tax. 

NetworkPackage NameOn-net minutesOff-net minutesSMSMBs ValidityPriceSubscribe
jazz mobile packagesJazz Super F&F PackageUnlimited
1 DayRs.9.56
jazz mobile packagesApna Shehar Package (Selected Cities)Unlimited15001001 DayRs.12Subscribe
jazz mobile packagesJazz Punjab Package (Selected Cities Only)Unlimited
10002501 DayRs.12Subscribe
jazz mobile packagesKPK Daily Offer
15002501 DayRs.21Subscribe
jazz mobile packagesKarachi Daily Hybrid Package (For Khi Only)Unlimited
15002501 DayRs.21Subscribe
jazz mobile packagesJazz Day Bundle300300201 DayRs.20Subscribe
jazz mobile packagesJazz Daily Super
1440502001 DayRs.30Subscribe
jazz mobile packagesJazz Super Plus
10001010001001 DayRs.45Subscribe
jazz mobile packagesHar Din Package10001010001001 Day (till midnight)Rs.45Subscribe
jazz mobile packagesJazz Give a Bundle10001 GB3 DaysRs.35Subscribe
jazz mobile packages3-Day Max Offer100010100001 GB3 DaysRs.60Subscribe

The unlimited minutes are on-net minutes otherwise also known as Jazz-to-Jazz minutes. The ‘Day Bundle’ provides you with 300 on-net minutes, 300 SMS, & 20 MBs of the internet for only Rs. 14.5+ tax. 

The ‘Har Din Package’ offers 500 on-net minutes, 5 other network minutes, 500 SMS, & 500MBs of the internet for only Rs. 30+ tax. 

There are also other offers available that last for 3 days. These offers include ‘Jazz Give a Bundle’ and ‘Jazz 3 Day Max Offer’. 

The ‘Jazz Give a Bundle’ gives you 100 on-net minutes & 1 GB of internet data for 3 days for Rs. 35+ tax. The ‘Jazz 3 Day Max Offer’ provides you with 100 on-net minutes & 1 GB internet data for 3 days for only Rs. 35+ tax

Jazz Weekly Call Packages

Jazz always knows its customer’s necessities, which is why it always provides the most efficient service to its customers. ‘Dunya ko bata do’ is Jazz’s trademark as it continuously keeps introducing the latest packages. 

Its most subscribed packages are the Jazz weekly call packages. The main focus of these packages is call minutes which include both Jazz-to-Jazz minutes and Jazz-to-other networks minutes.

NetworkPackage NameOn-net minutesOff-net minutesSMSMBs ValidityPriceSubscribe
jazz mobile packagesJazz New SIM Offer1000100003 GB7 DaysRs.0 (For New Sim) & (BOR)
jazz mobile packagesJazz 4G Sim Offer400400004 GB7 DaysRs.0Subscribe
jazz mobile packagesJazz Super Sim Offer6003060006 GB7 DaysRs.78Subscribe
jazz mobile packagesJazz Weekly Voice Offer10007 DaysRs.120Subscribe
jazz mobile packagesJazz Sargodha Weekly Offer2000200020007 DaysRs.100Subscribe
jazz mobile packagesJazz Haftawar All-Rounder Package (Selected Cities Only)100050100010007 DaysRs.120Subscribe
jazz mobile packagesJazz Work From Home BundleUnlimited120007 DaysRs.132Subscribe
jazz mobile packagesJazz Weekly Hybrid100060100010007 DaysRs.150Subscribe
jazz mobile packagesJazz Weekly Social Plus5002550080007 DaysRs.195Subscribe
jazz mobile packagesJazz Weekly All Network Package100090100030007 DaysRs.210Subscribe
jazz mobile packagesJazz Weekly Super Duper Offer50001005000100007 DaysRs.330Subscribe
jazz mobile packagesJazz Weekly Super Plus50001005000100007 DaysRs.330Subscribe
jazz mobile packagesJazz Weekly Super Max60001256000300007 DaysRs.347Subscribe
jazz mobile packagesAll-in-One Social Offer1000 3 GB for WhatsApp, Facebook & IMO7 DaysRs.89Subscribe
jazz mobile packagesWeekly Voice Offer6007 DaysRs.75Subscribe
jazz mobile packagesWeekly Super Max6000100600030GB (10GBs +10GBs (2AM-2PM) + 10GBs Youtube)7 DaysRs.337Subscribe
jazz mobile packagesLajawab Haftawar Offer25002525002.5 GB7 DaysRs.53.3Subscribe
jazz mobile packagesKarachi Haftawar Data Offer400404 GB + 10 GB WhatsApp7 DaysRs.130Subscribe
jazz mobile packagesJazz Punjab Haftawar Offer100500010 GB (5 GB 2 AM-2 PM)7 DaysRs.147Subscribe
jazz mobile packagesAttock, Harripur & Nowshera Offer500508 GB (4GB 2AM – 2PM)
7 DaysRs.173Subscribe
jazz mobile packagesPeshawar & Chakwal Haftawar Offer120 —10 GB & Free Tamasha App7 DaysRs.215Subscribe
jazz mobile packagesSindh Raabta Offer1000401 GB7 DaysRs.121Subscribe

In addition, to call minutes, these packages also include internet data and SMS. Many different packages fall under this category such as ‘Jazz Super Sim Offer’, ‘Jazz Weekly Voice Offer’, and ‘Jazz Sargodha Weekly Offer, etc. 

The ‘Jazz Super Sim Offer’ provides you with 600 on-net minutes, 30 off-net minutes, 600 SMS, & 6000 internet MBs. The offer is valid for 7 days and it only costs Rs. 60 (incl. tax). 

The ‘Jazz Weekly Voice Offer’ gives you only 650 on-net minutes for 7 days for Rs. 80+ tax. The ‘Jazz Sargodha Weekly Offer’ can grant you 2000 on-net minutes, 200 SMS, & 2000 internet MBs for 7 days for only Rs. 100+ tax.

Jazz Monthly Call Packages

As the name suggests Jazz Monthly Call Packages refer to those packages that last a month and the primary concern of these packages is call minutes that include both Jazz-to-Jazz minutes and Jazz-to-other networks minutes. 

Jazz offers monthly call packages for those who want unlimited call minutes for a whole month, without being interrupted or having to subscribe to any other plans.

NetworkPackage NameOn-net minutesOff-net minutesSMSMBs ValidityPriceSubscribe
jazz mobile packagesJazz Mahana Bachat Offer300501000400030 DaysRs.215
jazz mobile packagesJazz Karachi Mahana Offer500015050001000030 DaysRs.521Subscribe
jazz mobile packagesJazz Monthly Hybrid Bundle300030030001400030 DaysRs.868Subscribe
jazz mobile packagesJazz Super Duper Card20001502000200030 DaysRs.868Subscribe
jazz mobile packagesJazz Monthly Premium Package500 (On-net+ Off-net)2500030 DaysRs.868Subscribe
jazz mobile packagesJazz Monthly Super Duper300030030001400030 DaysRs.868Subscribe
jazz mobile packagesJazz Monthly Max10000500100003500030 DaysRs.1129Subscribe
jazz mobile packagesJazz Monthly Super Duper Plus Offer500030050001700030 DaysRs.1000Subscribe
jazz mobile packagesShahdadkot Monthly Offer20002004000200030 DaysRs.319Subscribe
jazz mobile packagesDG Khan Monthly Offer20002004000500030 DaysRs.350Subscribe

In these packages, along with call minutes, Jazz also offers internet data and SMS. Some of these packages are ‘Jazz Mahana Bachat Offer’, ‘Jazz Monthly Hybrid Bundle’, ‘Jazz Monthly Super-Duper’, and many other similar offers. 

The ‘Jazz Mahana Bachat Offer’ gives you 300 on-net minutes, 40 off-net minutes, 200 SMS, & 4000 internet MBs with a time limit of 30 days for only Rs. 149+ tax. 

The ‘Jazz Monthly Hybrid Bundle’ offers you 3000 on-net minutes, 150 off-net minutes, 3000 SMS, & 6000 internet MBs. The offer is valid for 30 days and it only costs Rs. 695+ tax. 

The ‘Jazz Monthly Super-Duper’ provides you with 3000 on-net minutes, 30 off-net minutes, 3000 SMS, & 12000 MBs of the internet for 30 days for Rs. 780+ tax.

Jazz Other Call Packages

Jazz, the most trusted network in Pakistan, follows progressive marketing strategies and offers some really exciting packages. 

Other call packages don’t fall under any of the above-mentioned categories however these packages do provide some great deals as well. 

These packages consist of ‘Jazz Sim Lagao Offer’, ‘Jazz Voice Infinity Offer’, and some location offers that let you communicate with your loved ones in other countries.

NetworkPackage NameOn-net minutesOff-net minutesSMSMBs ValidityPriceSubscribe
jazz mobile packagesJazz Saudi Arabia & UAE OfferRs.0
jazz mobile packagesJazz UK OfferRs.0Subscribe
jazz mobile packagesJazz Sim Lagao Offer300030006000Rs.0.01Subscribe
jazz mobile packagesJazz Super Advance Offer
Free Balance: 15
jazz mobile packagesJazz Voice Infinity Offer1202090 DaysRs.85Subscribe

The ‘Jazz Sim Lagao Offer’ gives you 3000 on-net minutes, 3000 SMS, & 6000 MBs of the internet for free, as its name suggests this offer can only be subscribed to on a newly purchased sim or a sim that you haven’t used for 30 days.

The ‘Jazz Voice Infinity Offer’ provides you with 115 on-net minutes & 250 internet MBs for 6 months for only Rs. 63+ tax. 

Location offers include ‘Jazz Saudi Arabia & UAE Offer’, ‘Jazz UK Offer’, and some other similar offers. In these location offers Jazz charges its customers for the call per minute.

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