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Jazz Internet Packages


Jazz Internet Packages – Daily, Weekly, Monthly Data Plans


Latest Jazz Internet Packages

Jazz Internet packages provide many different offers to its customers but the most subscribed and in-demand packages are Jazz hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly packages. These packages vary in size in direct proportion to their costs; the higher the cost, the wider the package.

Introduction to Jazz Internet Packages

Jazz, the biggest network in Pakistan, provides all kinds of offers to its customers but its most popular and exciting offers are internet offers, also known as internet packages.

Jazz recently crossed 75 million users and to celebrate this achievement it gave some more interesting internet offers to its users. Out of these 75 million users, more than 40 million are 4G, internet users.

Jazz announced some very appealing internet offers for its users which made them all very happy. You must now be wondering what Jazz provides its clients.

Well, it’s actually quite simple because what Jazz mobile network operator offered its customer is much more internet MBs, Call minutes, and SMS at a very small amount of price. However, prices differ with each offer but these prices are much less as compared to other networks’ prices.

For all types of users, the organization is providing fresh and exciting internet packages at reasonable pricing, ranging from daily bundles to unique location-based offers.

These internet packages consist of hourly internet packages, daily/day internet packages, weekly internet packages, and monthly internet packages.

Jazz Hourly Internet Packages

The internet has become a big part of our daily life routine, it’s used by everyone to get information or entertainment all over the world.

Every person wants to use the internet without any interruption or buffering, this is where Jazz comes in. It offers some really great internet packages for its customers.

Jazz has different hourly internet packages that can satisfy all your needs. These packages are only valid for a maximum of 24 hours but they provide an urgent and satisfactory solution to all your data problems.

NetworkPackage NameMBsOn-net minutesOff-net minutesSMS ValidityPriceSubscribe
jazz mobile packagesJazz Super Ghanta Offer
1 GB

1 HourRs.12
jazz mobile packagesJazz Friends BundleUnlimitedUnlimited2 HoursRs.9.50Subscribe

Some of these packages are ‘Jazz Super Ghanta Offer’, and ‘Jazz Friends Bundle’. These deals are for people who only intend to use the internet briefly.

The ‘Jazz Super Ghanta Offer’ provides you with 1 GB of internet data for only an hour. It only costs Rs. 12 (including tax).

The ‘Jazz Friends Bundle’ gives unlimited internet MBs and call minutes for 2 hours. It will only cost you Rs. 9.50+ tax to subscribe to this offer.

Jazz Daily/Day Internet Packages

Jazz has always provided excellent and top-notch services to its customers. It also introduces the best internet packages for its consumers.

Many of those internet packages can be categorized in the ‘Jazz Daily/Day Internet Packages’. This category includes internet packages such as ‘Jazz Free Facebook’, ‘Apna Shehar Package’, and ‘Jazz Daily Extreme’, etc.

NetworkPackage NameMBsOn-net minutesOff-net minutesSMS ValidityPriceSubscribe
jazz mobile packagesJazz  Free Facebook Unlimited

1 DayRs.0
jazz mobile packagesJazz Free WhatsApp Offer651 DayRs.1.5Subscribe
jazz mobile packagesJazz Gujranwala Super Data Offer50001 DayRs.7.3Subscribe
jazz mobile packagesJazz Daily WhatsApp & SMS Bundle1018001 DayRs.9.6Subscribe
jazz mobile packagesApna Shehar Package (Selected Cities)100
unlimited15001 DayRs.12Subscribe
jazz mobile packagesJazz Sindh Package250unlimited15001 DayRs.12Subscribe
jazz mobile packagesKPK Daily Offer250unlimited15001 DayRs.13Subscribe
jazz mobile packagesKarachi Daily Hybrid Package (For Khi Only)250unlimited15001 DayRs.13Subscribe
jazz mobile packagesJazz Daily Extreme20001 DayRs.18Subscribe
jazz mobile packagesJazz Day Bundle203003001 Day (till midnight)Rs.20Subscribe
jazz mobile packagesJazz Free Music Bundle (Daily)501 DayRs.20Subscribe
jazz mobile packagesJazz Daily Browser Offer5031DayRs.20Subscribe
jazz mobile packagesJazz Daily Super2001440501 DayRs.23Subscribe
jazz mobile packagesJazz Daily YouTube & Social15001 DayRs.27Subscribe
jazz mobile packagesJazz Super Plus50050055001 DayRs.35Subscribe
jazz mobile packagesJazz Daily Mega10001 DayRs.35Subscribe
jazz mobile packagesJazz Give A Bundle10001001 DayRs.35Subscribe
jazz mobile packagesJazz 3-Day Extreme Offer30001 DayRs.46Subscribe
jazz mobile packagesJazz 3-Day Max Offer100010001010001 DayRs.60Subscribe

The ‘Jazz Free Facebook’ gives you unlimited Facebook MBs for 1 day. This offers costs Rs. 0 (including tax).

The ‘Apna Shehar Package’ offers you 100 internet MBs, unlimited on-net minutes, and 1500 SMS for one day for only Rs. 12+ tax.

The ‘Jazz Daily Extreme’ provides you with 2000 internet MBs for a whole day for only Rs. 18 (tax incl.)

Jazz Weekly Internet Packages

The ‘Jazz weekly internet packages’ is the third category of internet packages that Jazz offers to its customers. This category includes a variety of exciting & interesting internet packages.

NetworkPackage NameMBsOn-net minutesOff-net minutesSMS ValidityPriceSubscribe
jazz mobile packagesJazz New SIM Offer1000100010007 DaysRs.0 (For New Sim)
jazz mobile packagesJazz 4G Sim Offer50005005007 DaysRs.0 (For New Sim & Unused Sim For 30 Days)Subscribe
jazz mobile packagesJazz Weekly SMS Package2515007 DaysRs.30Subscribe
jazz mobile packagesJazz Weekly WhatsApp & SMS2515007 DaysRs.30Subscribe
jazz mobile packagesJazz Super Sim Offer6000600306007 DaysRs.60Subscribe
jazz mobile packagesJazz Free Music Bundle (Weekly)3507 DaysRs.90Subscribe
jazz mobile packagesJazz Sargodha Weekly Offer2000200020007 DaysRs.100Subscribe
jazz mobile packagesJazz Punjab Haftawar Offer100006050007 DaysRs.119Subscribe
jazz mobile packagesJazz Haftawar All-Rounder Package (Selected Cities Only)100010005010007 DaysRs.120Subscribe
jazz mobile packagesJazz Weekly Extreme Offer500007 DaysRs.130Subscribe
jazz mobile packagesJazz Work From Home Bundle12000unlimited7 DaysRs.135Subscribe
jazz mobile packagesJazz Weekly Hybrid1000100006010007 DaysRs.150Subscribe
jazz mobile packagesJazz Weekly YouTube & Social50007 DaysRs.160Subscribe
jazz mobile packagesJazz Weekly Social Plus8000500255007 DaysRs.215Subscribe
jazz mobile packagesJazz Weekly Premium 3G, 4G Package4000507 DaysRs.230Subscribe
jazz mobile packagesJazz Weekly Mega100005000010050007 DaysRs.304Subscribe
jazz mobile packagesJazz Weekly Mega Plus Offer30000600015060007 DaysRs.369Subscribe

The ‘Jazz Weekly Extreme Offer’ gives you 25000 internet MBs for a limited duration of 7 days. This offer only costs you Rs. 109+ tax to subscribe.

The ‘Jazz Weekly Extreme Offer’ gives you 25000 internet MBs for a limited duration of 7 days. This offer only costs you Rs. 109+ tax to subscribe.

The ‘Jazz Work From Home Bundle’ offers you 12000 internet MBs and unlimited on-net minutes for 7 days for only Rs. 132 (tax incl.)

Jazz Monthly Internet Packages

Jazz has been providing the best services and internet packages since the launch of Jazz Super 4G. From hourly to monthly internet packages, Jazz offers the best internet packages which are ideal for your usage.

Jazz offers some great monthly internet packages. Some of these packages include ‘Jazz infinity browser’, ‘Jazz Monthly Social’, and ‘Jazz Monthly Social Plus’.

NetworkPackage NameMBsOn-net minutesOff-net minutesSMS ValidityPriceSubscribe
jazz mobile packagesJazz Karachi Monthly Facebook Offer500030 DaysRs.50
jazz mobile packagesJazz Infinity Browser200030 DaysRs.150Subscribe
jazz mobile packagesJazz Monthly Social70001200030 DaysRs.174Subscribe
jazz mobile packagesJazz Mahana Bachat Offer4000300040200030 DaysRs.174Subscribe
jazz mobile packagesJazz Monthly Social Plus100003005030030 DaysRs.215Subscribe
jazz mobile packagesJazz Internet Monthly Extreme Offer1000030 DaysRs.220Subscribe
jazz mobile packagesJazz Free Music Monthly Package150030 DaysRs.330Subscribe
jazz mobile packagesJazz Monthly Browser Package600030 DaysRs.330Subscribe
jazz mobile packagesShahdadkot Monthly Offer200020040002 GB30 DaysRs.300Subscribe
jazz mobile packagesMonthly All-Rounder Bundle20015005 GB30 DaysRs.620Subscribe
jazz mobile packagesDG Khan Monthly Offer200020040002 GB30 DaysRs.300Subscribe

The ‘Jazz infinity browser’ offers you 2000 internet MBs for 30 days for only Rs. 129+ tax. You can renew this offer after a month.

The ‘Jazz Monthly Social’ gives you 7000 internet MBs and 12000 SMS for a whole month for only Rs. 148 (including tax).

The ‘Jazz Monthly Social Plus’ provides you with 10000 internet MBs, 300 on-net minutes, 50 off-net minutes, and 300 SMS for 30 days for only Rs. 200 (tax incl.)

Jazz Other Internet Packages

Jazz has several other internet packages to offer to its customers. These packages are exciting and interesting as well. In these packages, you may find some interesting internet offers and some location offers.

This category includes packages that do not fall under the above-mentioned categories, such as ‘Jazz Sim Lagao Offer’, ‘Jazz Super Advance Offer’, and ‘6 Month Bundle – Device Only’.

NetworkPackage NameOn-net minutesOff-net minutesSMSMBs ValidityPriceSubscribe
jazz mobile packagesJazz Saudia Arabia & UAE OfferRs.0
jazz mobile packagesJazz UK OfferRs.0Subscribe
jazz mobile packagesJazz Sim Lagao Offer300030006000Rs.0.01Subscribe
jazz mobile packagesJazz Super Advance Offer
Free Balance: 15
jazz mobile packagesJazz Voice Infinity Offer1152506 MonthsRs.63Subscribe
jazz mobile packagesJazz Lajawab Haftawar Offer250025250025007 DaysRs.75Subscribe

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